Mini Office Amiga

The complete Amiga home office workstation!

1 October 1992


Mini Office Amiga is a powerful and flexible integrated package capable of performing a vast array of home and office business tasks. Its five feature-packed modules include:

A professional Word Processor with powerful graphics capabilities and a 50,000 word spell checker. Ideal for a wide variety of correspondence and official documents. A versatile Database which is simple to use and powerful enough to deal with anything from basic address book functions to club membership lists and business records. A flexible Spreadsheet with more than 50 functions, simplifying the most complex domestic monthly budgets or commercial cash flow forecasts. A supremely friendly Disc Utilities program to make using your Mini Office Amiga as painless a task as possible. Incredible Graphics with more than 18 types of graphs and charts available to brighten up your presentations or appreciate as possible. You can even make use of eye-catching 3D effects! productivity productivity productivity


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