60fps, retrospective

6 October 2013


  • Fairy Tale Twist
  • Performance
  • Starling

Starling is a 2D rendering framework built on Stage3D. Stage3D is GPU accelerated rendering (except when it’s not).

  • On fast machines Starling accounts for 50% of a frame
  • On our min-spec machine Starling accounts for 90+% of a frame
  • The rest of the game (our code) runs in 10%
  • All optimizations thus far have been incremental, did not impact Starling significantly
  • Our min-spec machine is limited by the number of pixels is can draw.
  • Starling requires all pixels are draw, all of the time.
  • Adobe without Stage3D uses dirty rectangles to only draw pixels that change
  • Removed Starling and replaced with Adobe Display Objects
  • Min-spec machine went from 12fps to 60fps.
  • Fast machines went from ~40fps to 60+fps.